Nottingham: top place for kidney transplants.

Organ-donor-shortage-0011700 people had their lives saved by kidney transplant teams at Nottingham City Hospital over the last 40 years.

This week, hospitals in Nottingham’s city are celebrating 40 years of successful kidney surgeries.

Tom Page, 56, was the first person to receive a live kidney donation at Nottingham City Hospital in 1996 from his wife Karen.

tom-and-karen“In July 1990 I become very ill and doctors told me I had to have an operation otherwise my kidneys would fail. I went on dialysis for 6 years. Karen offered to donate five years into my treatment, but doctors were unsure as we are not blood related.

In  1996 the doctors finally agreed after a year of persuading them. We were the first live donation transplant in Nottingham between husband and wife. The operation saved my life” – Tom Page, kidney transplant survivor.

Despite the celebrations, 132 people in the city of Nottingham still need a kidney. In the past five years 9 people have died as a result of not receiving the organ in time.

Richard Bowen, Renial Recipient Coordinator at Nottingham City Hospital, looks after people who are waiting for a transplant. He is pleased the number of surgeries have increased, although kidneys are still in demand.

“You have to bear in mind that you are three times more likely to need a donation that you are to become an organ donor.”

Live donations are becoming more frequent.

Listen below for Richard’s interview;


According to Organ Donation the East Midlands has only 29% of the population registered on the list, compared higher rates in places such as Scotland 40% and the South West 37%.

To join the register click here.

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