Controversial Valentine’s event told to cancel

5773930-largeA Hockley pub has been threatened with having its license revoked if it did not cancel its Valentine’s speed dating event ‘Bag a slag’.


A licensing official from the council visited the pub yesterday afternoon, and explained that its license could be taken away if it used “inappropriate promotions”.
The pub pulled the event last night.
The media frenzy began after a Halloween-themed poster for the night was released containing the events name: “Bag a slag, grab a hag.” Along with the words “Die die my darling” written in a gothic red font.
Controversy spread online over the nature of the words, with some people branding them sexist and belittling to women, and even encouraging domestic violence.
However Lydia Hunt, who designed the poster and works behind the bar of the pub, even described herself as a feminist.
She said: “I just think people need to take things a bit less seriously. It’s not meant to offend – its meant to promote a speed dating night.
“It’s all a bit of fun really.”
A statement was released by the pub this morning on their Facebook page.
“The recent fury over the Bag a Slag Speed Dating Night provided some incredible publicity for the pub and we are grateful for all the social media keyboard warriors who have seen fit to publicise an event at our pub all around the world.
“We have had some ridiculous allegations made by the keyboard warriors – that our poster promotes domestic violence (have you ever felt the urge to beat/rape/abuse someone after seeing a poster? thought not…) that it is insulting to women, that it is misogynistic etc etc etc…
“Offence is something that is taken – you cannot dish out offence. People have choices in life and if people choose to be offended by something, that is their right. By its very nature, offence is subjective and to those offended we say ‘get lost and grow a sense of humour’ or if, you find that offensive, we say “please look the other way and patronise other establishments. As Frankie Boyle says – “IT’S JUST WORDS!!!!!”
The pub has shared that it is designing a new night for Valentines and details will be released soon.

Listen here for what people had to say about the issue.

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