Acts of kindness to counter Nottingham ‘Neknominate’

neknominateThe drinking game ‘Neknominate’ that has swept social networking over the last few weeks has taken a dramatic turn for the good.


The orginal game saw a person making a video of themselves drinking large amounts of alcohol and then challenging their friends to compete against them. The video is then posted onto Facebook.

The person who has been ‘nominated’ then has 24 hours to respond and complete their challenge.

The game has been linked to the deaths of at least two people in the UK.

Now some people are switching from consuming large amounts of alcohol to random acts of kindness. It was started when Hannah Jefferson, a student in Nottingham decided her nomination wouldn’t be a drinking challenge.

She decided to buy a meal for a homeless person, film herself giving it to him, then nominated two of her friends to continue the random acts of kindness.

Hannah, wanted to mix up the rules after she felt the game was becoming dangerous.

“I saw a video on YouTube of a guy in South Africa doing a random act of kindness and just thought it would be a fun thing to do. The more I thought about it, it made sense to change the rules because the game was becoming silly and dangerous.” Hannah Jefferson

Nottingham alcohol awareness group, Last orders have welcomed the new addition to the game. Apollis Clifton-Brown, manager at the charity believes peer pressure is playing a huge role in the dangers of the public drinking game.

“People feel like they have to do it because they’ve been publicly nominated. They don’t want to be embarrassed in front of their peers, so try and outdo the person before and this just goes on and on. There is a huge amount of alcohol poising occurring and its going unnoticed. Its really worrying.”  Apollis Clifton-Brown.

Last Orders, believes people need to be better educated about what’s in their drinks. The chart below, highlights the importance of knowing how many units your drinking.

LOWER RISK Less than 3-4 units per day. Less than 2-3 units per day. Remember, drinking two units may still be too much if you are driving, operating machinery or about to do any active sport. If you are pregnant it is recommended that you abstain from drinking alcohol.
INCREASING RISK More than 3-4 units daily. More than 2-3 units daily. Drinking at this level increases the risk of damaging your health. Alcohol affects all parts and systems of he body and it plays a role in more than 60 different medical conditions.
HIGHER RISK 50 or more units per week. 36 or more units per week. Drinking at this level you’re at an even higher risk of damaging your health.(Chart courtesy of last Orders) 
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