Two thirds of Nottinghamshire people overweight

obesityHalf a million people in the Nottinghamshire are classed as overweight. Public Health England says that Nottinghamshire is the eighth fattest county in England.


The worst area in Nottinghamshire is Mansfield, where a staggering seven out of ten people are classed as overweight. The healthiest area is Rushcliffe, but 58% of people there are at a level where they need to lose weight.

Nottinghamshire’s full statistics:

Nottinghamshire 66.4 per cent

Ashfield 69.6 per cent

Bassetlaw 69.2 per cent

Broxtowe 64.4 per cent

Gedling 67.9 per cent

Mansfield 70.5 per cent

Newark and Sherwood 64.8 per cent

Rushcliffe 58.3 per cent

Nottingham 60.7 per cent

This is in contrast to the overall East Midlands statistics which are at 65.6%, and the national figures which are 63.8%. Put simply, Nottinghamshire is above the national and regional average for obesity.

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