Notts teachers prepare for language lessons

WEB-6Teachers have gathered in Nottingham to discover new techniques to teach children modern foreign languages.

.Latin, Greek, Spanish, French, German or Mandarin will be a compulsory part of the primary school timetable from September 2014, after a government proposal in 2012 introduced the new area to the curriculum.

Between 2002 and 2010 the number of pupils that sat a foreign language exam at GCSE dropped by 200,000. Ministers hope that the change will enable pupils to compete in a global economy and reverse the current decrease in GCSE language take-up.

Teachers in Nottingham got together at a conference that was referred to by Alistair Conqueror, Nottingham City Council’s Head of Young People, Learning and Skills as  “the biggest conference we’ve had.”

The conference enabled teachers to participate in workshops and talks that would help them best utilise their expertise and learn more about these changes.

Evidence shows that being taught a new language at a young age will be more beneficial to the pupil, enabling them to better their learning and improve conversation and literacy skills in English as well as other areas.

“It’s an area that we needed to significantly improve on, we’ve got so behind other parts of the world and we can’t afford to sit here thinking that everyone will learn to speak English” – Alistair Conqueror

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