New theatre company wants public to get involved

AI-LOGO-1_BLACK-FINALA new Nottingham based theatre company is taking a new approach towards the presentation of performing arts.

Arts Iconic will be opening its doors later this month and is looking to target professionals and amateurs interested in dramatic arts.

Using online platforms, they aim to make performing arts much more interactive with the public, creating a network where anyone can showcase their work. The company hopes to make performing arts more interactive with the public.

In an exclusive with the Project Manager and Director of Arts Iconic, Nick Newman, he is positive that by capitalising online rather than just live performances, public can have a more accessible platform to showcase their work.

“We are targeting people who love literature, who love classical plays…the idea and the basis behind it is to encourage more people to take up reading and speaking as well because it’s not meant to just be read, it’s meant to be heard and shared.” – Nick Newman, Project Manager and Director, Arts Iconic

Along with the launch of the company, they would also be launching the Wired Arts program, where anyone can submit their performance of out-of-copyright text excerpts such as Shakespeare. Nick’s performance of Edgar Allan Poe’s the Sleeper is one of the first audio on their website.

Being a privately funded company, they hope to look for more sponsors to fund this project, creating quality output contributed by the public.

Arts Iconic will be opening its office on the 20th February. The public are encouraged to submit their work to build an online portfolio, as well as using the website as a networking platform within the performance arts industry.

We like to hear from you!

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