Clipstone’s Rumbles suffer a financial loss

Rumbles The community café urge people to visit to keep the place going after losing government funding.

Rumble’s Catering Project, designed to train disadvantaged young people and adults in catering and personal development, says every bit of help makes a big difference.

The Nottinghamshire charity located at Vicars Water, Clipstone offer work experience, training and employment for over 20 people with learning disabilities.

Rumbles Financial SummaryIn 2007, the project received a £153,000 grant from the Big Lottery Fund enabling them to transform the visitor centre into an innovative space for those who are less fortunate as well as the public but like many other organizations they find it difficult to fund.

“I think people of short sighted, politically as I think money goes to the wrong areas, it goes to bigger charities and it goes to funded projects that don’t always take off.  I think they forget people with disabilities don’t want to be kept inside a care home.” – Gina Dolan, Founder of Rumbles Catering Project

Vicars Water is one of three projects under the Rumbles umbrella. The two other sites are  at Sutton Lawn and in Newark, which operate in exactly the same way.

The charity are currently remarketing the project to attract more visitors from across the county as well as the local community.

Several disabled volunteers working with Rumbles appreciate the support they’ve received from the charity.

The catering project offers volunteer learners the opportunity to develop personal, vocational and social skills that are required for independent living but if they were to close their doors all of that will be lost.

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