Nottinghamshire libraries press eject on CD collections

Hucknall-Free-LibraryLibraries around the county will remove CDs from their collection in April, Nottinghamshire County Council have confirmed.


A decision to remove the CD’s was made after a council meeting earlier today. It will see all libraries under the County Council’s jurisdiction removing CDs from rental.

Issues including library space and a dramatic fall in the number of CD loans have all contributed to the decision. Download sales are also being blamed for the decline in rental usage, with the increasing digital world rendering library CDs obsolete.

The move comes just a week after the council tried to encourage CD rentals by dramatically reducing the cost, though this didn’t have the results they envisaged.

The 7,332 CDs that are being removed from collection will all be phased out of use in April. Nottinghamshire County Council will then sell them off and return the money to the library service.

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