Nottingham City Council to expand use of solar bins

Bin-photoNottingham City Council will trial how successful 40 new solar panelled bins are in an attempt to save money. The trial is expected to cost the council £176,000.


Nottingham City Council is to install 40 new solar panel bins at a cost of £176,000.

The bins, similar to the Big Belly bins currently located in the city centre, will be positioned in the surrounding areas of the city.

The bins use solar energy to crush and compact the litter, meaning it can hold eight times more than a normal bin.

The St Ann’s, Arboretum and Meadows areas will see the 40 new solar bins in use over a five month trial period. The City Council will monitor the savings and ascertain if there is a demand for additional litter bins.

Nottingham City Council  introduced the current Big Belly bins in 2012 after complaints from residents about overflowing litter. It then signed a five year contract with London based distributor Kyron.

When the bin is 85 per cent full, it sends an automatic message to the Council, a feature that the company believe saves waste collection trips by up to 80 per cent.

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