Graduate Jobs to increase by 10%

graduates-FOR-WPJob vacancies for graduates are on the rise again in 2014, according to the Association of Graduate Employers.


Vacancies for students fresh out of university had declined due to the recent years of austerity. However after a small rise last year, jobs are now set to increase by over 10% in 2014.

The association has credited the progress to the rise in business confidence and the improving state of the economy.

Large improvements have been seen in the IT and telecommunications sectors, with energy and banking also seeing strong growth.

Stephen Isherwood, the association’s CEO, was quick to stress however that this doesn’t mean graduates should be “any less focussed on their career search”.

Recent graduate from Nottingham Trent University Ella Thomas had to wait until the start of this year to find employment, but believes that her degree was crucial to finding that elusive job.

“For sure my degree was beneficial. When you’re up against several other candidates anything that makes you stand out is vital. It’s definitely good news for graduates that theirs more graduate jobs about, as there is always able graduates to fill them.”


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