Council taxpayers to fund extra Nottinghamshire Police officers

Online-EditCouncil taxpayers will be expected to pay an extra £3.33 each year to fund more police officers in Nottinghamshire.


More Police officers are to be recruited in Nottinghamshire – but Council taxpayers will have to fork out an extra £3.33 a year towards the cost.

The move comes after a pledge from Nottinghamshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Paddy Tipping, who said the money was needed to put more officers on the beat.

He said: “People want to feel safe and secure in their homes and streets and a visible uniform presence on our streets reassures people.

“Crime has gone down but we’re struggling hard in the current year to keep on top of it. Having a stronger police force helps us to fight crime in a more strengthened way and that’s why we’re recruiting.”

Paddy Tipping, Nottinghamshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner

Notts Police and Crime Panel agreed the plans with Councillors at a meeting at County Hall in West Bridgford yesterday.

They agreed that the policing part of the council tax should go up by 1.96 per cent to accommodate the growth of the Nottinghamshire Police force, totalling an added £3.33 to pay each year from the taxpayer.

Councillor Graham Chapman, Deputy Leader of Nottingham City Council, said the extra costs are not unfair because policing is essential.

Councillor Graham Chapman, Deputy Leader of Nottingham City Council

But the increase in the police force will need other savings made and closures of police stations across the county in order to balance the books.

Paddy Tipping explains how the proposed policing tax will work

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