Youths throw stones at Nottingham buses in violent attacks

images1SECUMAKNottingham transport users have expressed their outrage over ‘disgraceful’ attacks on buses which saw stones and bricks thrown through windows.

The attacks happened yesterday on different bus routes within the city, with one incident on Mansfield Road causing two travellers injuries from broken glass.
Two other incidents were reported to have happened on Hucknall Road in Sherwood at 4.40pm and again at 6.45pm and fortunately passengers were not harmed.
A police spokesman said: “Anyone using public transport should use their common sense and follow any general tips for staying safe when out and about, but it should not put you off traveling altogether.
“Attacks like these are rare and there have been no follow up incidents, though we are remaining cautious.”
Regular bus user Michael Watson, 32, said he was shocked to hear about these acts of violence.
He added: “I think these attacks are disgraceful and I can’t believe anybody would do something so dangerous.
“It’s lucky people weren’t more seriously injured.”
Mr Watson said the incidents would not put him off using public transport but it would make him think carefully about his journey.
He added: “It is definitely a concern and it will certainly be in the back of my mind.”
Concerned resident Anne Cornwell, 54, said: “These people clearly had no thoughts for the passengers, what if it had been a child who was hit?
“I know that I for one will be very on edge when I get the bus in future, I just hope that these people are found and stopped soon.”
Witnesses say the attacks were carried out by a group of between two and five young males. Police are appealing for anyone with information to contact them on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 111 555.

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