Smoking in cars: council backs ban

kidsinsmokiercar-df84bc31530933a63f99789bf2920226a5aa7ede-s6-c30A ban to stop drivers smoking with children in the car is being welcomed by Nottingham City Council.


A school in Nottingham is worried that it could affect children’s health and is backing the ban.

“This is crazy how can people smoke in a car with their children. It should be made illegal but enforcing this could be tricky” – Sian Hampton, Principal at Bluecoat Academy

Doctors across Nottingham believe that it can cause serious health problems for children. Nottingham GP Dr Richard Lonsdale says it should be illegal as it can cause “serious harm to developing children.”

“Smoking with children in a car should be made illegal. However the one problem would be how you enforced it” – Dr.Richard Lonsdale

To listen to Dr Lonsdale’s interview click below;

Not everyone is in favour of the ban. Director of pro smoking group, Simon Clark, is against the proposition.

 “Adults already know how to behave. They do not need a law this is just common sense” – Simon Clark

He recently Tweeted:

“Children need a life of laughter and danger, not smoking bans”

It is currently not illegal to smoke in a car that is carrying young children.

The House of Lords is due to consider outlawing this controversial practice.

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