Rich in Nottingham live longer

people-FOR-WEBPeople from wealthier areas of Nottingham are living nine and a half years longer than those from more deprived places.


Figures released by Public Health England show that illnesses such as coronary heart disease and cancer are contributing to a near-decade gap in life expectancy across the rich and poor areas of Nottingham.

  • Nottingham’s  life expectancy for men is ranked 8th worst in England and 31st for women
  • 15 of  the City’s 20 wards have significantly lower life expectancy for men than the England average.
  • In some wards (St Ann’s and Bulwell) people are living on average 10 years less than  those in more affluent wards (Wollaton West).
  • The largest contributors to Nottingham’s gap in life expectancy compared to England are cardiovascular disease, cancer and  respiratory disease – 50% of the gap is due to smoking

The report by Public Health England, identified Radford as the worst place in Nottingham for life expectancy. It said the neighbourhood was also among the worst in the entire country, with residents approximately living until the age of sixty seven.




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