Women’s Liberation in Nottingham exhibition

Door for webThe little known history of the Nottingham women’s liberation movement is to be unveiled at an exhibition based at a city library throughout the whole of March.


The Angel Row library in Nottingham city centre will be putting on a show to display the works of feminists across Nottingham since the 1960’s. The exhibition is designed to raise the profile of feminism in Nottingham and to give credit to the women who were and still are involved in fighting for women’s rights.

Nottingham Women’s Centre was founded in 1971 by the Women’s Liberation Group and soon became the first place in Nottingham where women could enjoy a safe women only space. The centre has remained true to the core values of the original founding-mothers.


Early 1900’s Suffragette’s Campaigning for a women’s right to vote

Nottingham in regards to history within Woman’s liberation dates back as far as 1903 when Nottingham Suffragette Helen Watts joined Emmeline Pankhurst’s Women’s Social and Political Union.

Various activists and women from around the city have been interviewed as part of the project. A DIY magazine will also be created to give women a platform to provide a space for them to write and discuss issues close to them.

Rose Asthurst will be running the Zine, and has held a workshop to brainstorm ideas. She says that the magazine will create a space for women to freely discuss what they feel passionate about.

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