Peanut Allergies: It’s Nuts!

PEANUTPeople that are allergic to peanuts in Nottingham may be cured of their allergy thanks a new study.


Peanut Allergy Symptoms

The study conducted by Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge has found that giving sufferers a small amount of peanuts and increasing the dose over time, will slowly build tolerance to the peanut proteins.

Currently only 85 children in the UK have participated in the trial, which is in the early stages of the findings.

Wendy Beeston from Nottingham’s Community Nutrition and Dietetic Service explains the importance of the breakthrough:

The new findings are set to reduce the annoyances of many nut allergy sufferers as these tweets show:

tweet @l_labonte: “I have a severe one so I have to be on my guard when trying new stuff not just with food, cosmetics also trigger my allergy.”

@papercut__bliss: “It would make my life a lot easier, allow me to feel less restricted when doing normal things like going to restaurants etc.”

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