Nottingham students encouraged to be good neighbours

online thumbnailStudents from universities in Nottingham are leading a project which hopes to improve relationships with their non-student neighbours.


Street Reps is a new initiative being piloted by University of Nottingham student Ben Haddock, with the aim of informing students of the importance of respecting their neighbours.

The project will work with residents and students to bring out the best in the Lenton area, where 62% of residents are students.

Results from a survey led by Community Reps in areas heavily populated by students found that high levels of noise were the biggest issue among residents, whilst students themselves were most worried about crime.

Ben hopes to enlist the help of fellow students in order to make the project, funded through the University of Nottingham’s Student Union, a success.

Their first action will be to speak to all students on their streets about the importance of community awareness.

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