Dry January: Feel better, save money.

As January comes to an end many people in the East Midlands are looking forward to their first alcoholic drink of the new year.


flickr-107161419-hd‘Dry January’ is a campaign run by Alcohol Concern to make people, ‘Feel better. Save money. Make a difference. Ditch the hangover, reduce the waistline and save the pennies.’ The campaign raises money for charity with members of the public saying no to that cheeky pint after work or that glass of wine on the sofa.

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In 2013 over four and a half thousand people signed up to Dry January raising money while saving. Alcohol is a casual factor in more than sixty medical conditions, including mouth, throat, stomach and breast cancer. Giving up alcohol, even for a month can reduce your chance of getting these and other diseases. Becky took part in Dry January,


“Thank you Dry January, you have been great – this month has helped me reassess and break some unhealthy drinking habits – I feel better than I have in years (despite one slip up) I will definitely go forward with a much healthier attitude to all things alcohol!”

Although ‘Dry January’ has it’s obvious benefits, there are still sceptics of the campaign, including Nick Tegerdine of Nottingham’s APAS.

“What I object to with Dry January is that people choose  January, which is the toughest time of the year for the pub industry, I think that it’s a good idea for people to give their liver a rest, but it’s far better to have two or three days every week off alcohol.”

No one suffered the dry spell worse that West Bridgford’s Southbank Sports bar. Callum Whiteman is a supervisor.

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