Deaf people in Nottingham given false promises

untitledDeaf people in Nottingham feel they have been made false promises by the City Council and health service in the city who said they would help improve their services.

The NHS Trust at University Hospital and Nottingham City Council signed a charter agreeing to key changes in the way deaf people access services.

The charter pledges to:

  • Ensure access for Deaf people to information and services.
  • Promote learning and high qualy teaching of British Sign Language.
  • Support Deaf children and families.
  • Ensure staff working with Deaf people can communicate effectively in British Sign Language.
  • Consult with our local Deaf community on a regular basis.

But now the City Council say they won’t be spending any money to make these promises a reality, they will only be trying to raise awareness for the hard of hearing.

“We don’t have lots of money to splash around, it is a bout changing what we do to make it suitable for everyone.” Nicola Heaton, Portfolio Holder for Community Services at Nottingham City Council.

Nicola Heaton says that she is committed though to improving the access to services around the city for people hard of hearing “We want to make sure that we aren’t actually just thinking about ourselves when we are delivering services. We need to include the whole community out there, including BSL (British Sign Language) users.”

The Nottingham Deaf Society is the centre of the deaf community in the city and its members are concerned that they are just being made false promises by the council.

Les has been a life long member of the society and has real concerns “Many deaf clubs all over the country have shut down and we’re really proud of our club in Nottingham, but we want to keep it.

Communication is always the issue for deaf people living in the city and just raising awareness doesn’t seem to be enough for the deaf community. They really that there needs to be money spent before there is any improvement.

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