Bats bulldozed: Nottingham Trent University relocates their roosts.

Bat 1Three bat roosting sites are set to be destroyed as Nottingham Trent University begins work to upgrade facilities on the Clifton campus.

The common pipistrelles were detected in nocturnal surveys last year and have been living at the university buildings ever since.

Fact box for bats

But improvements to NTU‘s Clifton campus will see their current roosts destroyed, now that a planning application has been accepted by Nottingham City Council.

The flying mammals are expected to be moved into temporary bat boxes before the upgrades to the gymnasium and offices begin.

Erin McDaid from the National Wildlife Trust says measures need to be taken to ensure the bats are not disturbed and also that procedures are there to replace their roosts after the work.

“What’s important is that the needs of the bats are also considered. A full assessment needs to be made of how many bats are there and why they’re using the roosts.” – Erin McDaid, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

Despite concerns, Erin feels that everything that can be carried out to help the bats is being done. He said: “The move might even prove good for them.”

Listen to sounds of the common pipistrelle on a bat detector:

The bats will be monitored for two years after the demolition.

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