Volunteering boosts students’ chance of a job

Nottingham Community and Voluntary ServiceStudents who want to improve chances of employment after graduation should take up volunteering.


More than twenty thousand students are graduating in Nottingham this year.

Graduates are facing the toughest job market since the depth of the recession, according to the Higher Education Careers Service Unit.

Students are being advised to volunteer to stand out amongst the rest on their CV. Universities have voluntary sectors set up to help students work in the community and to also gain experience in their area of study.

Liz McCluskey, Vice President of Activities at Nottingham Trent University says there are not enough students volunteering.

Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service

“Qualifications are good, but it is real-life experience that will make you stand out – Stacey Whitney from Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service”

Stacey Whitney, a former student volunteer, says more students need to do unpaid work to give themselves an edge in a highly competitive job market.

The Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service have over 400 voluntary positions, from working with farm animals to caring for the elderly.

Competitive Job Market

Although employability rates are as high as 90%, with a competitive job market there are concerns graduates are not achieving jobs in their studied field.

A recent report by the Higher Education Careers Service Unit found that around one in twelve graduates were without work six months after leaving university.

A decrease in graduate jobs will cause more financial fears for students, especially after the increase in annual tuition fee’s that came in to force last September.

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