Nottingham Homelessness At A New High

h2 onlineThere are over 600 people living on the streets in Nottinghamshire, the highest for 4 years, according to the latest Homeless Watch Survey.


The survey, commissioned by Nottingham’s City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council, revealed that 617 people were living rough in the city and county in 2013. That’s an increase of 121 over the previous year. These results come after the government cuts to homeless shelters which were announced September last year.

“The Salvation Army have a night shelter, they are now losing the building and 46 beds and a hostel on London road are losing 12”  – Tania Wright, Assistant Pastor Betel Community Church

Poverty and Homeless Action Week is currently taking place. It is jointly organised by Church Action on Poverty, Housing Justice and Scottish Churches Housing Action. It is sponsored and supported by many other organisations and calls on different churches and communities to help those in need.


Betel Community Church is a charity that provides residential care for the homeless and is participating in the week.

More information on the Action Week can be found at:

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