Late Night Levy causing concerns in Nottingham

Night-PolicePubs, clubs, and bars across Nottingham that sell alcohol after midnight might have to pay a charge to stay open, if a new alcohol tax is approved.


Nottingham City Council is currently debating a new tax known as the Late Night Levy. The charge is hoping to bring more money to Nottinghamshire Police, who are currently set to undergo cuts to their budget.

“It’s a nice, happy, vibrant city with a good night time economy, but with that come some issues that have to be dealt with and we try to make sure they are dealt with appropriately.”- Ghazala Mumtaz, senior licensing officer at Nottinghamshire police.

The levy will apply to any pub, club, or bar that is licensed to sell alcohol between the hours of midnight and six o clock. The money from these establishments will be funnelled towards the police force, who state that they will use the money to hire more officers to patrol the streets at night. However, there are some who don’t feel that the level of crime is high enough to justify the tax.

Del Frith, the general manager of The Orange Tree pub, explains why he doesn’t agree with the council’s decision.


The charge the council have set will vary between venues, but it is expected the tax will cost between 440 and 500 pounds.

The levy is due to be discussed in further consultations until March, with the possibility of the tax being fully introduced in October.



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