Rising price of Workplace Parking Levy upsets businesses in Nottingham

Nottingham’s Workplace Parking Levy is set to increase by £38 per parking space from April, an increase by 24% since 2012.



loxley house

.The levy affects businesses who provide a minimum of 11 parking spaces for their employees.  When it was first introduced in 2012, the rate per space was £288 pounds. Last year this rose to £324, and will be set at  £362 pounds for this year.

The money is used to help pay for the construction of the two new extensions of the tram network. However, Nottingham businesses feel the tax isn’t fair and the tram network should’ve been funded differently.


Businesses aren’t the only groups who are voicing their objections to the increased tax. The Taxpayers Alliance has been criticising the council’s decision, stating that the decision to increase the rate per parking space will result in more losses for businesses.

Andrew Allison from the Taxpayers Alliance states his views on the tax

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