‘Recovery Rocks’ to draw a close to Alcohol Awareness Week

photoAlcohol awareness week has been taking place across Nottingham with many popular events being held.

A gig at popular city venue, The Bodega, named ‘Recovery Rocks’ will be an alcohol free event and feature local artists such as Georgie Howe, Rebecca King and Marc Reeves.

A range of events have been organised throughout the week to draw attention to the problems and challenges associated with alcoholism. Organised by local drug and alcohol charity, Double Impact, the week included a poetry evening and an alcohol awareness course.

The poetry evening was held on Wednesday night at the Atlas Deli on Pelham St. Both the staff and those who rely on Double Impact for support came together to read poems and talk about their experiences of addiction. Matthew Brown has been struggling with alcohol addiction for ten years and said:

‘It’s really important to have a support network around you . When you go on a night out if people see you’re drinking soft drinks all night they look at you strange. If you go out with those in recovery then they understand’

Events like this are very important for Double Impact as the charity relies heavily on donations. Richard Atkinson is from the charity.

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