Nottinghamshire County Council to cut jobs and services

NLuke Dolan County Hallottinghamshire County Council is set to cut 83 million pounds out of the council budget over the next three years.


The council  is trying to make savings of 154 million pounds in light of the government’s decision to cut 21 per cent out of the government grant. The new budget will result in 800 people out of work.

“The great disaster of this budget is that we’re not trying to save jobs, we’re just taking posts out” – Kay Cutts, Leader of the Conservative party at Nottinghamshire County Council.

Council leader Alan Rhodes has said that the labour party “inherited a 130,000 pound mess from the previous Conservative administration”. A combination of this funding gap and the Coalition “consistently reducing local government finance” has required the council to make these cuts.

Council Leader Alan Rhodes

Council Cuts FactboxThis week, union members have been protesting on the doorstep of County Hall, and Nottingham Playhouse has called for public support to convince the council to reverse their decision.

The proposals to make the savings are now open for the public on the County Council website. A survey can be completed by Nottinghamshire residents to see what they think of the cuts.

What you do think? How confident do you feel that the council will listen to your views? Tweet us to @CBJNEWS or place your views here:

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